Friday, March 30, 2012

Japanese Harajuku Hair Style

    Harajuku! A term that is very popular, especially Asia, Harajuku is a popular designation for the area around JR Harajuku Station, Shibuya District, Tokyo. area known as the place young people gather.

    To this day, groups of young people dressed in weird can be found in Harajuku area. In addition, school children from various parts of Harajuku in Japan often incorporate a tourist destination when visiting the field of development studies Tokyo. In Harajuku fashion and lifestyle titles, such as hairstyles, haircuts Harajuku become a term in a unique but interesting.

    Harajuku style preferred by the adolescent world, especially Asia. in southeast asia for example, not only ordinary people who imitate the Harajuku style, but celebrities are also choosing Harajuku style.

    now, Harajuku style is very popular in the field of hair stylists, because it looks relaxed but still cool, though sometimes there is also a look sloppy, but the point remains the style of all today's young people.

    Although derived from a term that is less pleasant, but very interesting development.

    Harajuku hair style is also seen in the cartoon Asia, especially Japan, making Japan into trendcenter in the world.

    As seen Japanese production of films, young people wear Japanese Harajuku hair style. Hairstyles that seem to be left alone, but still form a unique and attractive style.

    Maybe this is the beginning of an Asian revival, to be the center of world attention, from the field of lifestyle and style of the teens because it realized it or not in japan Asia itself has become a center of everything. ranging from technology to lifestyle.

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