Friday, March 30, 2012

90s hairstyles - Beauty Trends by Age


    In the 1950s, women in a carded combed, wearing light pink lipstick grinding, wearing poodle skirts. Common accessories include socks, hats, scarves and gloves.


    As the 50's gave way to the 60's, American culture changed drastically towards a freer spirit, hippy style dress. The woman straightened long hair with an iron, and separated by half. The makeup was minimal. Men and women wore bell bottoms. Accessories included with bills or flower necklaces, bracelets, tiaras y.


    The album was 1970's welcomed a more striking dress. Sequined mini dresses, mini skirts, and shorts, combined with platform shoes became fashionable. Halter necks and the tops of the crops were favored by women. Feathered hair and afros were popular hairstyles.


    As the disc was 80 degrees Segway eclectic beauty trends dramatically changed again. People began to put more stock in brand names and also emulate popular culture. Young women and young Madonna worked hard as a mirror of virgin eyes, while young men adopted similar styles to those seen in the popular TV series Miami Vice. As the decade progressed, and permanent neon colors became popular. The days of a minimum of makeup is gone, and women wore eye shadow, blush and lipstick in shades brighter.


    The bubbly fashion of the 80 turned in the 90's as the era of grunge was removed. Flannel shirts, jeans, leather and became popular elections, while the clothes body piercing became popular accomplices. Women gained navel rings, while men and women facial piercings such as tongue, eyebrow, lip rings. Plastic surgery procedures that can permanently alter a person's appearance was also more common among the masses in the 1990s.


    Fashion in the 2000s largely recycled trends from previous decades. We brought the poofy dresses from the 50, the hair of the 60 crushed, miniskirts of the 70's, 80's leggings, and the nervousness of the 90's. Plastic surgery procedures also shot during the decade of 2000, public acceptance of cosmetic surgery reaching its highest point.

    An item 90 could help to revive the recent past

    Parties to incorporate the logo of an era in time are always a good choice for costume parties, as a matter of 90 years. A theme party of 90 that works well as a costume party. Consider that each bring your favorite CD 90. Play music from these CDs. Just be sure to include in your invitation to each customer request for your favorite, you may want to include some extras just in case you forget your customers, and organize a contest to guess character, where all present have a number, paper and pencil. Each person has to come and act the character who has worn. At the end of the game, both the character who most correct guesses and the guest who represented most of the characters correctly wins a prize.

    A theme party of the 90 would be a great opportunity to recognize the computer age. Personal computers were actually become available in early 1990, and were being seen increasingly in homes around the world. A great team game would be dark, history and trivia of television. Just remember terms like "dot matrix and MS Dos. Include clothing and hairstyles 90 years, and has a theme party of the 90's to remember.

    Grunge music, President Clinton, and 90 were the main traits of this period of time. You could incorporate grunge and gansta rap, long-chain wallets, baggy pants, grunge and all you can muster. Serving all the junk food you can imagine, and even consider working in some of his 90 favorite movies, characters, or computer-based quizzes to complete game of the evening entertainment.

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