Friday, March 30, 2012

The ideas of women haircuts for 2011: Bangs Hair To suit your face shape

    You can dramatically change your appearance by changing the style of your bangs or fringe. However, not everyone can use. If you have curly hair and always in a hurry, keeping a band would be an almost impossible task. It takes time, patience, and all types of hair styling tools and products. On the other hand, if you were born with naturally straight hair that would look great on you. Not only complement your style, but also helps to highlight your facial features stronger if done right. Not all styles are suitable for every face shape, unfortunately. If you want to look your best, follow these tips:

    1. Oval Face

    If you are blessed with an oval face, which is considered lucky because it can sport any style without looking weird. Oval face has no limitations when it comes to style bangs. You can sport a straight, side bars, soft, wavy, blunt, choppy, or parted bangs. However, it is best for you to match the style you choose for your hair texture, length, and the state.

    2. Round face

    Just because you have a round face, does not mean you're fat. The styles that complement your face shape and soft layers are marginal fringe of feathers, as these styles can disguise the round cheeks. Instead of bluntly cut bangs, shape them uneven and textured. All perfectly constructed long or feathers can help lengthen your face.

    3. Heart-shaped face

    If you have a fairly broad front, but a prominent chin, then you have a heart shaped face. You can use a strip of side scan, which is feathered or texturized. Another style that compliment your face shape is a short, wispy bangs, especially if you have thick hair.

    4. Square face

    A strong jaw line may seem a bit masculine. For a more feminine look and softer, use a strip of layers that falls along the jaw line and match it with a layered haircut. Besides layered explosions, square face will also look good with a band of texture.

    5. Long face

    If you have a long face, you like the style that add width to your face. You would be perfect with blunt bangs that reach the eyebrows and forehead falling gently. This style creates the impression of an oval face. Alternatively, you can get a long or layered bangs.

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